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In 1958 Giovanni and Francesco Bolletta, two young joiners, created the Binova brand in Assisi, Umbria, the green heart of Italy, and started a company that has made and still is making the history of high quality kitchens.

Ever since then, Binova has been leading the important journey of the Italian kitchen
production, exploring all the potential of wood and analyzing the material science and
technology. A real cultural and technological challenge that this company faces with an
imposing production line, always heading to new materials, thanks to their in-house Research and Development department that continuously creates new important and revolutionary combinations and design patents.


All these years and experience allowed Binova to express an extraordinary talent for the choice of materials, their processing and whole kitchen furniture production. Some of the most prestigious architects and designers are Binova’s precious partners, to guarantee an elegant and contemporary charm with special care for ergonomics and functionality: the key that makes out of Binova’s creations the most incredible laboratories for taste and pleasure.
In 2018 the brand became part of the Cubo Design group, led by Antonio Arangiaro. This passage has been a real multidirectional booster for the company: a stronger passion for product research and development and the project of a brand new enlarged production plant, with the most advanced equipment to guarantee the constant quality and control of the whole production line, that will be completely in-house.

Binova is an ambassador of Italian design in the World: severe and elegant, but also
definitely glamorous and fascinating, enduring through the years.

TrinityKBB admires the Architectural features of Binova. Its Modern eye catching features and style is an Architects Dream.

Download Binova
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Download Binova
PDF Brochure


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